Rabu, 30 Jun 2010


30th June '10
It's been months? Or maybe since last year, I didn't put wax on my hair, didn't even style it nicely just went out like Im putting coconut on top LOL. Im having it back, kickin' it old school!! those messy cool hair style, hehe. with the help of..

Gatsby WILD shake.

So if you guys have any idea on how I should style my hair, or maybe any website or videos in youtube for hair styling, why not share it with me in the chatbox! ya'll can talk to the boss ;) HAHA! Im actually interested in styling hair man!           RUGGED!
especially Asian's hair style, like Japanese ones =D OVER COOL.

OH! and I had sushi(s) with Mummy Lating, Daddy Cool, Sister, Bang Rul and myself. That's it for tonight, Imma hit the bed early. and AHHHHHHHHHHH! Im sleeping over at Aunt Hui's place, play pool and swim in the pool all night long, HAH!

Selasa, 29 Jun 2010


RAINY 28th June '10

What did I miss?
Guys guys! Have you ever thought of buying yourself a toy? like a toy robot? to entertain you during your nothing-to-do-feels-like-shit-so-boring-man time?

BUY YOURSELF A ROBOT =O         ..a robot?

YES, a Robot! Aftr that you'll die for lack of sleep, eyes will be as red as zombies,
ears will be as large as an elephant, mouth will be like a banana... HOLD ON! why ears and mouth?
So this Robot next door, had me up until 3am midnight! it's raining heavily too, plus the lightning and the thunder, aiyaiyai! It kept on annoyed me.. it won't let me pee, it wouldn't let me kiss through the phone, not even saying ILY to someone else =s OOOOOOH~

Who lives in the factory over the seas?...

But it's freaking FUN!          o-^.^-o

Ahad, 27 Jun 2010

Stairs to brunch!


Zee introduce this Bakerlyn Cafe to me, and also Aunt Linda, said that I should try Fish and Chips but I had Chicken Chop/Fried Rice instead. Not bad, I love the "country" design :)


3 days of MIXED UP!

*FLUSH* ahhh~ that's better..

HELLO GAY PEOPLE!! So I had great times with my own things going on. Imma update whatever I want to alright =D

Had a night out with poupee <3 First we planned to hit the court with badminton at wherever as long as it's free but bad news :( tournament're going on at the free court, Menglait, P.Belia, where else? Lambak.. and since it's raining heavily, we decided to stay home. HEHE. Aftr the sun goes to bed, we went to Mall to grab our dinner, and I so wanna go De'Royalle, so Miss Poupee brought me there and we had the SALTIEST SALT SALTY SALT FRIES. And GUESS WHAT?! The waitress' did her very best job and gave us a table next to one Malaysian Female talking on a fake phone? switch off phone? nothing on the phone phone? BLAAAAH. She's NUTS anyways. And I feel like spitting straight in her face! for being so racist, this is what she said "I tell you ah, orang brunei ani, laki2nya smua sama, asal nampak bini2 atunya naik, asal ckp psl bini2 atunya naik, kalau bini2 nmpk laki2 tlanjang mana ea mcm atu. And even yg pakai topi haji atu, cari pelacur, smua sma ni laki2 di brunei"
*Temperature's Rising*
But Im a good boy so I just sit there quietly hoping that she'll die crossing the street aftrward ^^ and lastly she got shuuued out from De'Royalle by Aunt. Audrey's father, HERO!!

And also special thank to Md.Jopheri for sharing a great night with me ;D


I had............................................


Khamis, 24 Jun 2010

Daym it feels so good!

When it touches your body..
you go ahhh~
When it squeezes you..
more baby more~
                                                                  When it's at the bottom..
                                                you'll be WOW~

And when it's at the right part..
you'll moan out loud~

I had my first go on this Osim Massage Chair at Aunt Linda's crib,

We went to her place for BBQ and foods! Lots of yummy foods from this Si Fu. He cooked Sweet and Sour Crab, Butter Fish, Fried Noodle, Steam Fish with this weird delicious sauce! And spanish salad made by Aunt Linda. I also play pool and Im sure Im quite good at it! 2nd place maybe? HAHA! TRUE BAHHHHHH!

I once met an angel.

Did you ever feel that you miss someone and you really wanna keep that someone in your pocket? Or maybe put that someone into a tiny box and tap it as long as that's yours? Well.. I did.

It all started somewhere in oct? 2007. When I'm having my holidays at NZ. Staying over at one of my aunt's place for a month and not forget to mention that Im a vegetarian for that long too. And I met an angel online =) She's from my own country (Brunei) we had happy times online chatting about our life, what's going on and so, since we never meet each other it's weird that I found her interesting and from that day I got star struck. I think I had her in mind whenever my msn run.

We had a time where y'know, the two lovebirds singing on a tree, LOL. (She's amazing than lovebird, I tell ya) for quite awhile we're together and also an on and off. She doesn't mind me going on and off at one time 'cuz she told me she's used to it. Aftr that, I really thought of getting myself a starbuck and drink all day just to think how I could change her thought. "I wanna make her mind and mine" We had names for each other, patwix, roxanne, picklebeans, and the one name I love is "deariee" coming out from her mouth, feels like I just wanna hug her tightly no matter where we are whenever she call me that X) And also I regret for being a badass to a good girl, never know how to treasure some one like her. BUT I'd changed. I woke up one day and saw myself missing her in the mirror, and I mc(missed call) her and y'know what? bet you don't know! she'd me in mind too and I felt AMAZING!! I realize from that, I wanna make her mine forever. We spent almost everytime chatting whenever we're on, and also talk to each other on Skype, funny thing is, her sister knew Skype before her. And if I never mentioned about Skype, she'll never findout and be like whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? LOL. yes, she's so adorable X)

Until one day, she didn't reply my tm(text message, she taught me this) and when Im away from my laptop, I got a text from her through MSN, well, I went "baby, I am down down down down down~" guess you guys know what I meant here. I just wanna share my time here with you readers =) How much I love her, how much I miss her but at least I met her not long ago, drove all the way to her house just to give her Patrick.

I'd rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else.

I'd rather be beside you in a storm, than safe and warm by myself.

I'd rather have hard times together, than to have easy apart.

ps : The girl up there, is my Nurul Ayien bte. Zaini (=

I'm sorry but I don't feel sorry.

Hello people. Just wanna drop this latest blog to apologize for my rude attitude or maybe rude words that I'd posted many months back. But everything happen for a reason and the reason is you :) so I wanna say sorry but I somehow think that the people who make mistake is not their own fault unless they did it 'cuz of themselve. But my apologize happened 'cuz it is caused by a friend for being itsy bitchy spider. yeaa, so I moved on, and you should too.

Friends are meant to smile,
to each other everytime they met (=